Making Mistakes

Text: In a way, Zentangles are a metaphor for life itself. They’re imperfect, sometimes messy. They’re filled with mistakes, which I didn’t realize until I started learning how to do it, the nuts and bolts of the technique. My Google searches turned up page after page of gorgeous, perfect art, something I considered myself incapable of creating. Turns out the mistakes are there, but the method calls for “fixing” mistakes by incorporating them into the piece. 

Just like life. Most of our mistakes can’t really be fixed. We can apologize, or make amends, or try to do things differently, but ultimately we have to incorporate those mistakes into our being, make them a part of ourselves and how we step into the future. 

I made a mistake not reporting what was done to my daughter sooner. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I thought reaching out to the parents of the other teen, and offering therapy resources was right. I was wrong. Another mistake to incorporate into my being. 

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