Text: I had a full-on argument with myself in the mirror this morning. Around 6 weeks ago, I started an activity that is enjoyable, challenging, and that I’m thinking of quitting. The argument went like this:

“Why do you want to quit?”

“I’m tired. It takes 3 hours out of my Saturday. Getting there takes too long.”

“So you’re willing to spend hours each week to drive the kid to her appointments, but not for yourself?”

“No, it’s not just that, I’m tired.”

“And (activity) is exercise. Which your doctor and therapist want you to do. And you like it. Maybe if you keep at it and add in those walks you keep saying you’ll do, your energy will finally improve. And you like it.”

“Okay, I’ll stick with it for a while. But I feel selfish taking the time.”

“So? Be a little selfish for once in your damn life.”

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