I started drawing this Zentangle while I was watching the Ava DuVernay documentary “13th.”

Everybody should watch this, even though it’s sad and horrifying and leaves you feeling hopeless and heartbroken. Those of us with privilege – specifically, all white people – need to bear witness to the ways our people and our government have devastated black communities, and we need to do whatever we can to change the future. 

It wasn’t until I was halfway through filling the square with designs that it hit me – the “string” I drew, the part you use to divide up the square, looks like someone in a hoodie. As the documentary segment on Trayvon Martin played, I methodically kept drawing, picturing all the young black men I’ve known, all the people who take their lives into their own hands just stepping outside, all the mothers I know who fear for their sons and daughters. I drew and wept and worried. 

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