Text: I invested in some “artist tiles” to do my Zentangles on, and I’m just planning to insert them into my art journal as I draw them. I’m also experimenting with using words in my work, and “fuck” seemed like an appropriate choice. 

I’ve been battling a migraine for more than 24 hours, and actually found myself thinking that I’d rather deal with depression than a never-ending migraine. Ultimately, they both suck, but one lets me live in the lighter world even when I feel dark, while the other drives me to seek darkness both physically and emotionally until it passes. Depression casts a grey pall on everything in my life, but a migraine is red-hot and urgent, and can only be tamed under the velvet black of total darkness, avoiding smells and sounds, emerging only to vomit or sip weak tea. I can function with depression. Not so with migraine. 

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