Text: I lost three days to that fucking migraine, plus two more to the postdrome phase (A.K.A. migraine hangover). The sun came out today, my first day of feeling moderately human, and the boost to my mood was palpable. I had a tiny little urge to weed my herb garden, and I stood outside to listen to the birds, warmed by the sun despite the chill of the breeze. 

I needed that boost so badly. During the migraine, the asshole in my head kept up a steady stream of chatter – causing me to worry about things like “am I making and progress with this depression?” and “will I ever feel like myself again?” and “who the hell am I now that I’ve dropped out of everything that made me think I was a worthwhile human being?”

Tomorrow might be different, but today those questions aren’t as scary. I’m glad to see the fear fade in the early spring light – spring is a beacon of hope. 

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