Hellooooo, 2020!

My writing took a nosedive last year – an ongoing battle with a repetitive stress injury, in my dominant hand of course, has sidelined way too many of the activities I enjoy. Writing, knitting, drawing, cooking, all have become a struggle to do thanks to carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve issues.

I have been diligently teaching myself to dictate my thoughts instead of allowing them to flow through my fingers. It’s been hard! One gets used to one method of thinking, and one only. Change is rough, but I still won NaNoWriMo in November while only using dictation, which is a laudatory accomplishment in my book. I missed the camaraderie of local write-ins, though, and felt quite isolated throughout the month.

Because of that isolation, I have continued my search for assistive tech to help me balance my need to write with my need to not be in excruciating pain. My dear spouse apparently was searching as well, because he discovered a new tool that I’m hoping does the trick – a gizmo called the Tap Strap 2. Talk about a welcome holiday gift!

You wear the device on your fingers, kind of like high-tech Blade Runner brass knuckles, and like magic, tapping on a solid surface turns your hand into a keyboard. It’s been a bit of a challenge to learn how to use it, but they have some apps to help with the transition. I’m up to 18 words per minute, and I’m using it daily in hopes of bringing that number up quickly. Here’s hoping the Tap Strap helps me achieve my writing goals for 2020. Here’s their website for anyone interested (I have no affiliation with the company, I just love their product!).

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