Text: I invested in some “artist tiles” to do my Zentangles on, and I’m just planning to insert them into my art journal as I draw them. I’m also experimenting with using words in my work, and “fuck” seemed like an appropriate choice.  I’ve been battling a migraine for more than 24 hours, and actually […]

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My husband got pissed at me this evening. He was already frustrated because of his job, and when it was time to make dinner – which he had offered to do earlier – he stomped into the kitchen, loudly grumbling about how much he does around the house, how unappreciated he is, how someday he’s […]

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I started drawing this Zentangle while I was watching the Ava DuVernay documentary “13th.” Everybody should watch this, even though it’s sad and horrifying and leaves you feeling hopeless and heartbroken. Those of us with privilege – specifically, all white people – need to bear witness to the ways our people and our government have […]

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Text: I had a full-on argument with myself in the mirror this morning. Around 6 weeks ago, I started an activity that is enjoyable, challenging, and that I’m thinking of quitting. The argument went like this: “Why do you want to quit?” “I’m tired. It takes 3 hours out of my Saturday. Getting there takes […]

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Text: Friendships can get weird when you’re trying to cope with mental illness. I’ve lost a number of friends over the last year or so – some have drifted away, unable to deal with how different I am; others have been banished outright due to outright hostile or harmful behavior towards me. The number of […]

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So. Tired.

Text: The fatigue of this depressive episode continues to consume me. I am exhausted, all the time, even when I am anxious and can’t sleep. The mental energy required to get through my average day leaves me out of fucks & energy by 4pm. Bone-crushingly tired.  I went to my doctor and talked to my […]

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