Text: I lost three days to that fucking migraine, plus two more to the postdrome phase (A.K.A. migraine hangover). The sun came out today, my first day of feeling moderately human, and the boost to my mood was palpable. I had a tiny little urge to weed my herb garden, and I stood outside to […]

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Text: I invested in some “artist tiles” to do my Zentangles on, and I’m just planning to insert them into my art journal as I draw them. I’m also experimenting with using words in my work, and “fuck” seemed like an appropriate choice.  I’ve been battling a migraine for more than 24 hours, and actually […]

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My husband got pissed at me this evening. He was already frustrated because of his job, and when it was time to make dinner – which he had offered to do earlier – he stomped into the kitchen, loudly grumbling about how much he does around the house, how unappreciated he is, how someday he’s […]

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I started drawing this Zentangle while I was watching the Ava DuVernay documentary “13th.” Everybody should watch this, even though it’s sad and horrifying and leaves you feeling hopeless and heartbroken. Those of us with privilege – specifically, all white people – need to bear witness to the ways our people and our government have […]

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Text: I had a full-on argument with myself in the mirror this morning. Around 6 weeks ago, I started an activity that is enjoyable, challenging, and that I’m thinking of quitting. The argument went like this: “Why do you want to quit?” “I’m tired. It takes 3 hours out of my Saturday. Getting there takes […]

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Text: Friendships can get weird when you’re trying to cope with mental illness. I’ve lost a number of friends over the last year or so – some have drifted away, unable to deal with how different I am; others have been banished outright due to outright hostile or harmful behavior towards me. The number of […]

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